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Monday, March 31, 2003

I got back from Ottawa last night. Melanie and I had a great trip. It all started on Thursday night when we went to Toronto to see Godspeed You Black Emperor! It was a great show, though it was at a club with the worst location I have ever encountered. I videotaped the first hour and half. My video camera kicks ass. The footage is slick. The club was so dark that I shot it in nightvision and it's perfect.
The next morning, we left for Ottawa. Spent a couple days there meeting Melanie's friends at a birthday party and kicking it around Ottawa a little. The drive back was good too. We stopped in Smith's Falls, home of the Hershey's chocolate factory. Mmmmmm. I spent too much money but I'm sure my friends at work will be happy. Hahaha. Then we stopped in Kingston, where Melanie went to school and we toured the town. Quizno's and I kissed (au francais) and made up over a mesquite chicken sandwich. We're all good now.
Over 1100 kilometres driving is complete. Today my car is getting a makeover - cleaned, detailed and rustproofed. I'm spending money like I just won the lottery. Egads. Now, I'm just sitting in my grubby clothes, watching 'The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air'. Apparently TBS is playing four episodes of 'Dawson's Creek' every morning. If only I didn't have to work...
Well, I hope you're having a good day. I've gotta whiz...

Thursday, March 27, 2003

Oh, my beloved Quizno's, how could you do this to me? After all the good times we've had together, all the cherished memories and delicious moments, you hurt me. Bad. At 1:30 A.M. Maybe it wasn't you. Maybe it was the immature kids you have working for you. Maybe it was you but I just don't want to accept it. How can I deal with tasting my first Black Angus steak sandwich and then suffering the slings and arrows of searing stomach pain and consequent diarrhea? You put me on the porcelain throne for almost a half hour in the middle of the night. Is that what you do to someone you love? That's not how I'd describe a loving, caring relationship.
I don't know if we should see each other for a while. Maybe we need to take a break, get some distance and re-evaluate what our respective needs are. It'll be difficult but I think it's necessary after last night's episode. I hope you spend this time wisely, thinking about what you want from a lover/partner/customer. Don't throw what we've had away. I'll miss you while we're apart.

Love, Bart Wang

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Today is the greatest day I have ever known. I visited the new local Quizno's. Hot damn, that's my idea of heaven on earth. I had the Black Angus (large size) - it was pretty good. I'm not a steak fan but I enjoyed it. Melanie had the chicken carbonara and it was fantastic. I love the taste of bacon and chicken together. Mmmmm. I can't believe I have a Quizno's within 15 minutes of my house. That's the best possible situation for my tastebuds, though not for my wallet.
I also picked up a bunch of cheap discs today. Believe it or not, I got the Joy Electric double CD, 'The Art & Craft Of Popular Music', for only $7 plus tax. For you Yankees, that's about $4.50. Not bad. As well, I bought four hardcore records from Facedown Records, each for $7. Not bad. It's been a long time since I've bought any hardcore. Feels good. And I picked up Underoath. That's a slick record. Crazy.
I'm going to see Godspeed You! Black Emperor tomorrow night in Toronto. I am really excited because, from what I understand, they bring a musical performance to a whole new level. The following morning I'm driving to Ottawa for a couple days. That should be a good time. Staying a hotel - who doesn't like that?
Well, I'm off to sleep. Oh yeah, I got a phat Gospel Gangstas t-shirt the other day. Dude, it's seriously O.G. Back to the first album, 'Gang Affiliated'. Yeah, you know how I do. Recognize, foo'.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

I almost ate some bad bacon. I was about to make homemade peameal bacon bits (super good) when I discovered I had a really good knife that could cut it well. But then I noticed it was an ugly colour. I'm guessing it was rotten. I dumped it. But I will be buying more and eating it more quickly next time.

I heard that George Bush actually told the Iraqi military (who likely do not have access to CNN) not to fight back. Are you serious? How would America respond to a soldier who refused to fight? Does it just make sense that the Iraqi military would NOT fight against an invasion? So ignorant.

I finally figured out how to dub my records to the computer so they can be burned. I love this. I was able to copy a bunch of my dad's old blues records (Skip James, Buddy Guy, James Cotton, Sonny Boy Williamson), as well as other 7"s that have never been released otherwise.

The Juliana Theory and Snapcase are playing in Toronto tonight. I would have liked to go but I got home late tonight from work and have to be up early tomorrow. The new Juliana Theory album is pretty good. The lyrics aren't as good but the production is out of this world. Sure, some would say it's a little too perfect but the thickness of the sound is great. And the latest Snapcase is wicked. The music is some of the best they've ever done but I find I'm getting tired of Daryl's vocals. They don't change at all. His lyrics, however, keep me listening. Too bad Tim isn't manning the drums anymore. I'm happy for him though because he's doing what he is passionate about - teaching. He's a great guy and I'm proud of his dedication and compassion.

Monday, March 17, 2003

One of the things I'm trying to do in life is not to put myself in situations that I will just pick apart another person, mock them in my head and declare my intellectual superiority. Hence, I did not watch George Bush's speech.

To keep you and your friends entertained for hours and hours, I give you two of the funniest words in the English language: 'monkey' and 'poop'. Try to seriously consider the words. They are just damn hilarious. The funniest phrase in the English language? 'Monkey poop'. Damn, that's good stuff.

I did buy the new Switchfoot. My word, that's a good record. The first single is the opening track, 'Meant To Live', and it better blow up like a cat in a microwave or I'm moving to Algeria to get away from the fickle, ignorant music-buying masses.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Does anyone buy as much music as I do? My goodness gracious! I decided today, since I got paid, I would go pick up some stuff. I think I may make this a regular occurrence. I can never get enough, in spite of what my 500+ CD collection may imply.
I picked up the LMNO (Leave My Name Out) double LP (I am very picky with my hip hop purchases and this one has eluded me until now), new Ben Harper (this man is beautiful - so is the record), 2 copies of the new Further Seems Forever (first one was new, then I found it used so I bought that too), Ultimate Fakebook, Finch, the first Galactic Cowboys (sealed), Element 101 'Stereo Girl' and Dashboard's 'Places You Have...' The last three are ones I already own but I figured I had to pick them up because they were too good to sit in a pile of used CDs. I'll give them to people who don't already own them.
I think some punk rock kid was at the local used CD store and sold his collection. There was a ton of All, Blink 182 and other pop-punk stuff. Also saw the first Inside Out disc for $8 but I already have that. And I'm confident no one but Blondel would be interested in it. Now that I think about it, maybe I should have bought it for him. Sorry Davey.
Other discs I need to get sooner than later include the new Switchfoot (I've been aching for this record and it's supposed to live up to the hype), Mae and Sahara Hotnights (a Bill Power recommendation). Denison's got me looking for 70s singer-songwriter stuff. I bought a couple Jackson Browne records and I loved them. I had no idea who he was until now!!!
Time to go get some tacos at my friends' Cal & Sue's house. Sue (aka Soo) makes food every Thursday. I gratefully eat it for her. We make a damn fine team. Go check out Blondel's interesting lists at his blog - http://www.blondel.blogspot.com

PS I bought a DVD yesterday on eBay that I suggest you also buy (it's super cheap). It's called Robo Vampires. Holy shit, does it sound brilliant. I can't wait. Only $2 US for a DVD. That's right. It could be your's too.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

A brief list of people who annoy me:

1. Drivers. Chances are, if you drive, you don't do it well. The odds are stacked; there are more poor drivers than good ones. You don't signal when you change lanes (that includes entering the turning lane)? You don't clean your windows off of snow and ice? You talk on your cell phone while you drive? You drive well below the speed limit, as if this was the first year you've ever seen snow in Ontario? Yeah, you're a bad driver.

2. Homeowners. There are more good homeowners than good drivers. The bad ones are the numbnuts that shovel snow AWAY from their lawn and ON TO the road. Where do you think that snow is going to go, dumbass? The snow removal fairy was phased out with the Rubik's Cube and the Smurfs. It's the same distance to your lawn and it won't get in anyone's way there. Think about it.

3. American politicians and their supporters. They're all mentally delayed, lying, irresponsible children. Accept it and stop believing what they say. It's clear to everyone else in the world and it's time you got a clue.

4. Record companies. They whine about online music sharing decreasing their profits. Shut up. The statistics show that music sales have not gone down by much. Maybe it's that you keep pumping out the shit and we realize, 'Hey! I'm not interested in more shit! I've got enough, thanks!' I'm sure Tupac made so many great songs that 5 years after his death, there's still some gems amongst the tapes. What happened to Kelly Clarkson? Guns and Roses died in a hurry, didn't they? Tell me that wasn't a media ploy. Screw you, major labels.

5. eBay sellers. So many of them charge extra for shipping so that they can make more money. If you don't want to sell an item for little money, don't list it. It's a simple principal. But don't tell me that it costs $5US to ship one CD when I've done it far too many times and postage is $1.50US. I'm not paying for your 'time' or 'energy'. I'll give you what's fair; don't try to take what isn't.

6. Stupid parents who don't listen. You're doing things wrong and you won't listen to suggestions on how to do things better. Don't cry to me that your fifteen-year-old kid won't listen to you. I tried to help before but you thought you were above it. Deal with the mess you've created. You're the tree, you're kid is the apple; you've grown together.

I don't know why I wanted to write this. I guess 'cause I was so ticked at horrible drivers today. Egads, it's scary. If only I had the ability to take away other people's licenses. You probably wouldn't be driving. I'd be the only on the on the road. How's that for arrogance?