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Wednesday, March 05, 2003

A brief list of people who annoy me:

1. Drivers. Chances are, if you drive, you don't do it well. The odds are stacked; there are more poor drivers than good ones. You don't signal when you change lanes (that includes entering the turning lane)? You don't clean your windows off of snow and ice? You talk on your cell phone while you drive? You drive well below the speed limit, as if this was the first year you've ever seen snow in Ontario? Yeah, you're a bad driver.

2. Homeowners. There are more good homeowners than good drivers. The bad ones are the numbnuts that shovel snow AWAY from their lawn and ON TO the road. Where do you think that snow is going to go, dumbass? The snow removal fairy was phased out with the Rubik's Cube and the Smurfs. It's the same distance to your lawn and it won't get in anyone's way there. Think about it.

3. American politicians and their supporters. They're all mentally delayed, lying, irresponsible children. Accept it and stop believing what they say. It's clear to everyone else in the world and it's time you got a clue.

4. Record companies. They whine about online music sharing decreasing their profits. Shut up. The statistics show that music sales have not gone down by much. Maybe it's that you keep pumping out the shit and we realize, 'Hey! I'm not interested in more shit! I've got enough, thanks!' I'm sure Tupac made so many great songs that 5 years after his death, there's still some gems amongst the tapes. What happened to Kelly Clarkson? Guns and Roses died in a hurry, didn't they? Tell me that wasn't a media ploy. Screw you, major labels.

5. eBay sellers. So many of them charge extra for shipping so that they can make more money. If you don't want to sell an item for little money, don't list it. It's a simple principal. But don't tell me that it costs $5US to ship one CD when I've done it far too many times and postage is $1.50US. I'm not paying for your 'time' or 'energy'. I'll give you what's fair; don't try to take what isn't.

6. Stupid parents who don't listen. You're doing things wrong and you won't listen to suggestions on how to do things better. Don't cry to me that your fifteen-year-old kid won't listen to you. I tried to help before but you thought you were above it. Deal with the mess you've created. You're the tree, you're kid is the apple; you've grown together.

I don't know why I wanted to write this. I guess 'cause I was so ticked at horrible drivers today. Egads, it's scary. If only I had the ability to take away other people's licenses. You probably wouldn't be driving. I'd be the only on the on the road. How's that for arrogance?


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