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Saturday, September 13, 2003

Hello everybody. How do you do? I'm feeling fine myself. Check it, my name's Hardcore Joel and I make the ladies drool - not really but it sounds cool so...
That's my effort to bite on Pigeon John His new record is good. Very good. However, it's edited and I'm not fond of that. Especially because it's only partially edited and the words taken out are fairly tame (e.g. 'hell'). Oh well...
It's been a long time, folks. I had a marvelous week up in Barry's Bay. I booked it for next year already. Going back to work always sucks. I really need to work out a financial plan that will have me working for as few years as possible. I've heard it said that people who work for thirty years and then retire often have a difficult time adjusting to a life where they are not busy or employed. It's probably best for me, then, to work as little as possible so I don't struggle with that.
I'm illin' - literally. I'm sick with some kind of cold. I think I got it at work. It wears me down over the day and causes mucus to drip from my nose. That's not cool at all. Especially when it happens in front of clients at work.
Jeepers, all this talk about me... What about you? How are you!?! I miss talking to you. Alright, well, I have to go.

Countdown to next extra days off: 18
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