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Sunday, April 22, 2007

These aren't bruises, my friend. This is a deeper shade of love that you'll never understand.

I know a lot of people. Some would suggest I have an warm personality and an uncanny ability to engage in reasonably meaningful conversation with anyone. Others would agree with the some. I just like people, I guess, in spite of my statements indicating general disdain for the masses of humanity. Except you. I like you.

Anyhow, I've talked about Phil Donlon before. I randomly e-mailed him a few years ago after reading an interview with him in a magazine. Phil's in film (Philm?). He's an actor, writer, director, etc. He's also a hunk. We chatted through e-mails, I interviewed him for Bottle Breaker magazine (R.I.P.), he visited Peterborough once and we hung out for a weekend. He's an awesome guy, makes killer films and makes a convincing gangsta. Anyhow, he's putting the finishing touches on his last short film, The Man In The Silo. It stars Ernie Hudson. Yes, he's being hugged in that picture (he's on the left) by Winston Zeddemore from Ghostbusters. Hopefully, there will be a trailer up on the site soon. Keep checking.

While my software is crappy so far, I feel the need to share what I can of videos I have built up. Lucky you, you get to see Doug Nagy. According to Facebook, he's my father. In real life, he's my mother. While in L.A. recently, Doug met Paul Reubens. Yes, Pee Wee Herman. He's now full-time with John Campea on The Movie Blog, where he is frequently joined by Bruxy and another good friend, Darren Conley. I've known Doug for several years now, meeting him long after I had first heard of his escapades with the electric ukelele (thanks to Jeff Bradley). We share a lot of the same friends and getting together with them is always a treat.

Doug's always been a funny guy. He decided to take this to a level that few 'funny guys' do - he went to the stage and told his jokes. He's been working on his routine for a few years now and it's excellent. Provided you're not easily offended, I suppose. He got a couple spots in L.A. at Ha Ha Ha and the Improv. Not bad for a kid from the Rose City.

This is not child-friendly material, my friends. Should you download it? Yes. Should you let children under the age of 18 watch? Absolutely not. Hahaha. Enjoy.

Doug Nagy - Staircase Theatre, Hamilton, Ontario (Feb.25/05) [WMV]

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Heeeeeeeeere's Rosie!

This show had Rosie opening for Damien Jurado. The upstairs room had some loud bass pumping so it's distracting at points during Rosie's set. She makes light of it at one point. This was the first time I met her and she was super nice. I gave her a small gift and a letter expounding on my appreciation for her when I went to find her behind the stage. I walked away after she thanked me only to have her run out of the backstage area to give me a big hug and then hugged Melanie. There are few artists that are more engaging or personable that I've met. Enjoy the show, folks

Rosie Thomas - El Mocambo, Toronto, Ontario (11-14-03) [WMV file]

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I should really make a Denison blog

I have three videos of Denison live from over the years. Now, with my fancy new computer, I can share them. This one was from the tour with Copeland and Rainer Maria. Enjoy. I just copied one of my Rosie Thomas shows to the meaty hard drive so I'll share that in the coming days. Make sure you sing along, kids.

VIDEO: Live at the Kathedral in Toronto, Ontario (June 15,2005) [WMV file - 80 megs]

Can anyone recommend good audio and video editing software? I grew to love Creative WAV Studio and Roxio Easy CD Creator on my old system. I need something to rip music, convert to different formats, edit WAV files and then burn. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Denison Witmer - Live at the Khyber (2001?)

I don't know when this was recorded but must be around the last quarter of 2001 since that's when the other shows I have were. Enjoy!

Denison Witmer - Live at the Khyber [ZIP file]

Yes, guy!

Thanks to Dave Lapsley, I'm back in the game. The dude cleared up several computer issues in no time as well as hooked me up with Firefox. Blondel had been talking about it for years but I paid him no mind. I was wrong about this one, Blonsi. I'm sorry.

Today went from a hopeful, productive day to almost nada. I worked out with Eric and Chad this morning. Chad and I went over to Future Shop briefly as I'm in the market for some new speakers after the basement flood (I can't remember if I posted about that - probably not). I then came home to await contact with Lapsley as he ventured into the slightly-cleaner-than-Toronto, city of Hamilton. By the time we hooked up, two hours had passed. Oh well, we had a good visit. Dave's a great guy and I wish I saw him more often. He's crazily addicted to Facebook. For instance, I log on multiple times a day if I'm not doing anything but sitting on my ass at home. Dave logged on AT MY HOUSE. Hahaha. He just left to join Darren, Larissa, Charles and I'm sure other friendly folks downtown.

I had hoped to make three more stops this day. One at East Hamilton Radio and then Best Buy (regarding the speakers). Then another at Sinkin' Ink, a tattoo shop around the corner. Yes, after many years of delay, I hope to get a new tattoo in the next couple months. Maybe I'll have to wait until after summer. I don't want it fading and looking like crap.

Melanie is working today and tomorrow during the day. I guess I'll head out to do those trips tomorrow after church. Tonight should be a lot of fun as I'll be hanging out with some good guys. Josh and I (and maybe Taxman if he's not tuckered out from visiting his lady-friend) are going to Sakes' house to watch the Leafs-Canadiens game and then UFC. Lots of ass-kicking.

Well, thanks to you for reading. Let me know you're out there, people. Hi Krista!