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Thursday, May 29, 2003

Today was busy. Lots of paperwork and meetings. I got a fair amount done but I'd like to have more complete. Tomorrow will be a crappy day. My team at work always gets screwed. We're the most reliable by far (of course, I believe that but others have said it too).
Last night Laurie Castellani came over and we watched the finale of Dawson's Creek. She hadn't seen it. We talked with Jeff Timko too. I found this hilarious program on the Internet that reads your words out (TextAloud). Make it say 'Poop'. It's genius.
I need to work out now because I haven't in over a week. Blech. I'm lazy and tired. Those don't work well together in efforts to get active.
If I see you, remind me to tell you about the Promise Keepers conference I went to - oh yeah, that's a good story.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Rube, Rube, what's up baby? What's up dawg? Yeah, he won. Good for him. Does everyone really care? I'm envious of his voice but I'm tired of this stuff.
All sorts of crazy stuff happening at work. People are leaving, others are getting new positions and I'm still in the same place. Hmmmm.
Blondel tells me that the magazine is coming into place real nice like. I spent a freakin' hour transcribing only 10 minutes of our interview with Pigeon John. Blondel has this way of posing questions that aren't actually complete sentences or thoughts. It's really something. Hehehe. Not that my incessant and idiotic laughter on the tape isn't endearing. Oh, wait, it's not.
Well, I've gotta shave and then read then sleep. Mike gave me the book, 'The Gospel According To The Simpsons'. It's interesting but kind of weak. I love the Simpsons so I am interested in reading about insights into the show or what the author thinks the show represents but instead it's mostly a collection of quotes from the show. Of course, the quotes are still damn funny.

Saturday, May 17, 2003

Yo! It's a long weekend and I'm just chillin' at quarter to 11PM on Saturday. Nice... Last night I had a couple guys over (Jon, Sean, Jeff & Josh) over for some BBQ meat. Mmmm, barbecue. Josh ditched us for his lady and then we picked up Belly. We laughed, we watched Jon get aggravated, we ate. Good times.
Today I went for a run with Sean. We did some sprinting, which tired me out. Of course, it felt really good. Sean runs like a gazelle. I think we should called him 'Gazzer'. Went shopping for groceries and then sat on the computer for several hours to make CDs, neglecting my pile of dishes. I made 4 for Christina Vandermark, who is going to Ethiopia at the end of the month. She's going for 2 months (she's a nurse). Gave her some love by Switchfoot, Anberlin, Mae, Rosie Thomas and a few tracks she wanted (three versions of 'In Your Eyes' by Peter Gabriel, for instance).
Now I'm tired. I don't know if I should stay up and watch a movie or go to bed. Maybe I'll watch a movie. I have a bunch that I bought recently. I think I'll throw on 'Mississippi Burning'.
Well, I'm going to go to that now, provided I don't fall asleep first. I hope you had a good day. I look forward to two more without work! Melanie comes home from Nashville tomorrow night.

Sunday, May 11, 2003

Back in the Creek and in full effect. I have to shave. I just spent valuable time downloading the new Anberlin album called 'Blueprints For the Black Market'. If you like to rock, you will like this record. It's damn good. I will be purchasing it because it is that good. The other fine album I am excited about listening to is by Mae and called 'Destination: Beautiful'. Fans of Jimmy Eat World should eat this like sugar-coated sugar. Dee-lish!
Spent a good day with Melanie before her big trip to Nashville. A whole week without her around. I can make out with other chicks then, right? I mean, she's in another area code and country.
Well, my razor calls. Have a lovely evening.

Friday, May 09, 2003

I'm coming to you from the booming metropolis of Peterborough, Ontario. Chillin' at my friends', Dave & Melody's, house. They're at work. Suckas. I take that back. I'm lonely with no one to hold me. Enjoying my few days off. I'm going to set out to Huntsville in a couple of hours to see Laurie and the whole crew that are coming up.
Last night, Blondel and I went to see Pigeon John in Belleville. The crowd, again, sucked. I saw him in Hamilton and there were about the same number of people - 10. It was brutal. This guy is one of my hip hop heroes and no one was there to experience it. We did an interview with him last night too for the new magazine, Bottle Breaker. Should be slick. I spent part of the day yesterday writing some stuff for it. I really like what's been put down thus far. Pigeon was interested in writing for us too, which is wicked.
A couple other MCs represented well in Hamilton and Belleville. Ndidi Cascade, straight from the Van City, and Eekwol, comin' outta Saskatoon. Much respect to the ladies who rocked it. You can visit their sites at www.ndidicascade.com and www.innersoulflow.com - thanks for getting us in!
That's about all I have to contribute right now. I've gotta shave in the worst way. I look so hobo right now. A damn fine hobo, I'll admit, but still a hobo. PEACE!