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Thursday, March 13, 2003

Does anyone buy as much music as I do? My goodness gracious! I decided today, since I got paid, I would go pick up some stuff. I think I may make this a regular occurrence. I can never get enough, in spite of what my 500+ CD collection may imply.
I picked up the LMNO (Leave My Name Out) double LP (I am very picky with my hip hop purchases and this one has eluded me until now), new Ben Harper (this man is beautiful - so is the record), 2 copies of the new Further Seems Forever (first one was new, then I found it used so I bought that too), Ultimate Fakebook, Finch, the first Galactic Cowboys (sealed), Element 101 'Stereo Girl' and Dashboard's 'Places You Have...' The last three are ones I already own but I figured I had to pick them up because they were too good to sit in a pile of used CDs. I'll give them to people who don't already own them.
I think some punk rock kid was at the local used CD store and sold his collection. There was a ton of All, Blink 182 and other pop-punk stuff. Also saw the first Inside Out disc for $8 but I already have that. And I'm confident no one but Blondel would be interested in it. Now that I think about it, maybe I should have bought it for him. Sorry Davey.
Other discs I need to get sooner than later include the new Switchfoot (I've been aching for this record and it's supposed to live up to the hype), Mae and Sahara Hotnights (a Bill Power recommendation). Denison's got me looking for 70s singer-songwriter stuff. I bought a couple Jackson Browne records and I loved them. I had no idea who he was until now!!!
Time to go get some tacos at my friends' Cal & Sue's house. Sue (aka Soo) makes food every Thursday. I gratefully eat it for her. We make a damn fine team. Go check out Blondel's interesting lists at his blog - http://www.blondel.blogspot.com

PS I bought a DVD yesterday on eBay that I suggest you also buy (it's super cheap). It's called Robo Vampires. Holy shit, does it sound brilliant. I can't wait. Only $2 US for a DVD. That's right. It could be your's too.


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