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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Get yer WAZ-WAZ out!

Hey friend. I just returned from a quick trip down the I-90 to Cleveland, Ohio with Mike & Josh. We had a splendid time. We spent a couple hours at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, which was so rad. We saw lots of memorabilia and learned interesting facts on various artists we enjoy so much. I particularly enjoyed the special exhibit on the Beach Boys (including the original, handwritten lyrics to 'God Only Know', my favourite song). I also appreciated the various items related to the development of soul music (particularly in regards to Stax-Volt, Otis Redding, Muscle Shoals, etc.). If I had $1,000, I could have bought a lot of cool books and box sets in the gift shop.

From there, we went to see the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Portland Trailblazers. We had an excellent view from our upper level seats. The game was good (they won) but less exciting than I had hoped. Somehow, Lebron had a triple-double and we didn't even know. However, somewhat less important than the win, there were only a couple exciting plays. No dunks by Lebron - disappointing. This is the second game Josh & I have attended this season and I could stand to visit regularly. I like this team. Except, sadly, Ben Wallace. He was phenomenal a couple years ago. Last night, he played like I smelled yesterday - awful. I blame the chicken shwarma. What does Ben blame? Back spasms, apparently.

For those of you interested in my recent musical love interest, WAZ, here's the audio of his online CD release party. I hope he doesn't mind me posting it. I streamed it from The Stream TV, where you can go and watch the show instead of just listening to it. It's well worth it.

Since Mike Vandermark is home for a couple weeks, we've been hanging out a lot, which is fabulous. I'm jealous that Sandi, his wife, gets to spend so much time with him. I'm trying to make the best of this opportunity. Mike and his sister went to see U2 3D last week and Mike wants to see it again. I'd like to see it a first time since Bill told me it was awesome.

Speaking of Bill, Melanie and I are stoked to be spending a week in the Nashville area in May. After watching Eric (a.k.a. Taxman) and Amanda be joined in the bonds of holy matrimony, we're flying down to Tennessee for a week. We haven't seen them since their wedding (and that was only for a few hours) so it's going to be great to hang out for an extended period of time. Melanie and I are going to take a short road trip while there as well, likely into Atlanta. I'd love to check out Macon and Muscle Shoals. Since reading 'Sweet Soul Music: Rhythm & Blues And The Southern Dream Of Freedom', I've been really interested in the genre and its history. Anyhow, whatever we do, it'll be great to do it with fabulous company.

Melanie's watching an episode of 'Gilmore Girls'. As I was passing through the room, I commented that the discussion taking place on screen seemed to be the same as had happened a month or two ago when she was watching it (she's borrowed the series on DVD). She didn't like that comment. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?


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