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Thursday, October 16, 2003

If Blondel can update after several months, I can do the same. I've been on holidays this week. I could really do with retirement. I don't know how all these old people who finally retire struggle because I'd be content to just do crap-all most days. I have lots of books that could keep my attention for probably months (if not years). Old people are dumb.
Anyhow, what did I do this week? Finally started writing some stuff for the new issue of Bottle Breaker. It was a long time coming but I did a couple reviews and then interviewed Phil Donlon, the writer/director/actor in the independent movie, 'Wrestled' today. You should ask me to see it. I have a copy. Well, actually, Whitney has a copy. I lent it to her.
Melanie and I spent the day hanging out yesterday. Walked to the drug store, ate at the recently re-opened Attic Pizza Parlour for lunch, donated blood, ate some delicious taco salad created by my beautiful girlfriend and watched 'Bend It Like Beckham' (disappointingly cliche).
I rearranged my bedroom (more space now - less for mice to run in) and worked out with Belly. I'm totally sore. Oh yeah, got a massage today. That was nice. I shafted my mechanic on Tuesday as I made an appointment last week but didn't bring my car in - I forgot. I'm such a tool.
That's about it. I was going to ride my recumbent bike but I should go get my car. It's at the mechanic's right now. He doesn't hate me. Well, you have yourself a fine evening. I'll talk to you soon.

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