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Monday, July 16, 2007

Known for meetin' brand new fellas and takin' other folks' girls

It's been a long time since my last post. I doubt anyone's life has been negatively affected by my lacklustre blogging. It's Monday and I've taken the day off. We went out for breakfast this morning, came home and did some gardening (Melanie weeded while I cut the grass and finished adding mulch to the garden). Melanie's in the midst of preparing zucchini relish as she's harvested a fine crop of huge zucchinis. The plants are so big that they've now covered our rose bush. Back to work tomorrow...

My current position makes taking time off very difficult. In my former position, you would get no-or-less new work before you were going on vacation and then no work while you were off. However, in my present position, I have the same number of cases that require attention if I'm in the office or in the backyard. And then, if something happens while I'm away, I have to expend more time when I return in order to catch up with the normal tasks as well as the new stuff. Crazy. Last year, I must have taken at least eight or nine weeks off during the year. This year? I think I've taken one week composed of days split up (like today, adding an extra day to the weekend) and one full week in Barry's Bay. My next full week will be back at the cottage at the end of August. I like the old way better... Hahaha.

I was motivated to write something because I found a post on a MP3 blog about one of my all-time favourite songs. I put together a killer mix of doo wop songs and this track leads it off. I think I found it years ago by randomly downloading doo wop songs and it hooked me immediately. It's such a fun track, features the ever-popular doo wop saxophone solo and has some humourous lyrics. It's called 'Speedoo' by the Cadillacs. The beauty of the post is that it gives the history of the group and how the song came about. Make sure you download and listen to regularly. Yes, I've linked to it three times. I like it that much.

We saw 'Sicko' a couple weeks ago. It was good. More stream-lined and consistent than the last film. Definitely worth seeing.

If you like music and are comfortable downloading it (some of it is considered copyrighted but some isn't - live performances, for instance), you need to regularly check out Totally Fuzzy. I'm there on a daily basis. It doesn't host music itself (though it does have some concert videos or other videos through YouTube) but other MP3 blogs post their updates. Killer stuff.

It's Jon Belanger's birthday tomorrow. Make sure you send him some birthday love. Happy birthday, Peter Pan! I've asked you for your address but you haven't provided it. Makes it kind of difficult to send you a birthday present. I don't want to hear any crap from you.