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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Ok, Blondel seems to think this is a competition. He writes some crap, usually lacking substance, and then considers that a legitimate blog post. C'mon, Blonsi. Let's be real here. The post about the great qualities of Public Enemy's 'It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back'? Good. The rest? Keep working.
My wife and her sister are sitting on the couch watching Jon Cusack and Jack Black in High Fidelity. I'm a proud husband. That is a really good movie. I went with Mike Vandermark and Nathan Walz (both pilots - I've got a thing for fly boys) to grab some excellent Thai food and then we watched Sideways. Killer film. The sex scenes were unnecessary and gross (I can usually deal with them when they are 'tasteful' as lots of people mislabel them) and there was far too much cussing. I can fucking deal with some shitty language but who the fuck swears every fucking two damn words? No one, you son of a bitch, that's fucking who. Anyhow, it was an awesome movie. I remember making fun of people (ok, women) who cried at movies. No more. I didn't cry but I know if I was alone and feeling sorrowful, there were a couple of scenes that were brilliant and moved me, emotionally.
Another movie that I am going to have to see is Old Boy. Now, I'm no Asian film freak like my friends Todd, Dave and Andrew Mack but the trailer looks killer. You can check it out here. Yes, I just double-linked. Trust me, it looks great. Have you seen how many commercials there are on TV for Ong Bak? If you want to see the English trailer (in case you don't watch TV - good for you), go here. If you want to watch the original Thai version (which I hear it better overall in quality), just ask me. Thanks to Todd Brown, I own it. That was a great wedding present.
I'm trying to drag a whole pile of people to see my friend, Doug Nagy, perfom at the Staircase Theatre on Friday. He's doing the whole stand-up comedy deal and he's destroying it. Seriously, I already think he's a funny guy but he takes it to a whole other level with it being organized. I just found a list of "famous Nagys" and Doug is on it! Look for Joseph Nagy. I'm sorry, that's mean to single him out. Seriously, go look. And then go check out some of Doug's old songs. They're classics.
Well, since only Dave is reading this, I'll say 'hi' to Dave. Hi Dave. Who knows, maybe Bill will stop by at some point? Unlikely, but a boy can dream, can't he? Peace out!