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Friday, October 24, 2008

What rhymes with 'suck'?

I have no idea why I titled this post the way I did. It doesn't mean anything. And I know several words that rhyme with 'suck'.

I'm not doing a good job on updating this bad boy. Somehow, we've entered the Twilight Zone and even Blondel is posting more than I am!

I have a very kind friend who was gracious enough to send me MP3s of Denison Witmer's new album, Carry The Weight. Anyone who has met me for more than five minutes probably has heard me talking of the man. Well, if you've been foolish enough to not purchase every album in his extensive catalogue to this point, I suggest you start with this one. It is fabulous. The man has outdone himself in every way and has further secured his place in my heart (and CD player). You can pick it up on November 11th on iTunes or Insound or the Militia Group website. As well, to check out some cover songs DW has been giving us for free, check out Cover Lay Down. Bonnie Raitt, Red House Painters, Oasis, Van Morrison and Band Of Horses get the royal acoustic treatment from the king of my stereo. Wonderful.

I got some disheartening news today at work. A promotion I was seeking was given to someone else. And not just someone else but my great friend, who I respect and believe deserves it. Ever feel so conflicted as to be very happy for someone else and incredibly disappointed for yourself at the same time? That's today, friends. This has been years in the making and I thought this might be the time. It's tough not to feel like packing it in. I mean, how can I not wonder if I will eventually get a chance? And if I knew it would be another four years, would I want to wait that long? What else am I going to do? I haven't failed at too many things in my life so this feels extra-tough. Congratulations to my friend. She's magnificent.

I'm probably not going to watch the World Series but I certainly am hoping that the Phillies win. Matt Stairs was traded before the deadline from the Jays and he's a class act in every way. Plus he's a Canuck. And with lots of cool people in Philadelphia and none in Tampa Bay (at least, that I know), I'm pulling for Rocky's hometown.

We're going to drop in tomorrow at Sophia House, the new transitional housing co-op that finds my old pal, Karen Elliott, in director role after a year of life and training in Colorado. It is run through Providence Network Canada. Their website is down so go check out the U.S. site. Amazing work.

I tried to listen and understand a two part lecture given by Stanley Hauerwas on the abolition of war. Bill had told me about his experience hearing the professor in person. He immediately gets my attention because he cusses and causes many Christians to be uncomfortable, a position I often seek. After listening to him explain his big ideas to my little brain, I share Bill's response at points. I believe it was something like, 'What the fuck is he talking about?!?' And not because Hauerwas wasn't clear or brilliant. It's that we're not nearly as smart as he is. Good times!

The temperature dropped significantly in the last two weeks. It is supposed to rain a lot this weekend, which is terrible. On the first cold day, I suddenly had the urge to listen to Christmas music. I felt like Chad Tomlinson (except without the fascination with pre-teen music and Clay Aiken). I've been playing Roger Whittaker and His Ambassadors in the last couple days. You can download the latter at that link. It might sound cheesy and dated but I like it because we used to have some of the people in the group stay at our house when I was growing up.

I talked to Jon Belanger the other day for quite a while. What did we end up talking about the most? This.

I'm heading to bed, friends. Hope your Friday was better than mine and that we get to talk soon.