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Sunday, July 23, 2006

This guy is related to my hero

It's been a long time, boys and girl. I don't apologize. I've been living life. You've been sitting in front of your computer, cursing my non-updated blog. Or, maybe it's been reversed. Anyhow, here's some new shizzle...

Some of my friends will remember when the walls of our childhood-structured religious system began crumbling. Much of it was thanks to a man we knew as Omar Epps. No, not the actor. Just a regular man who gave his body to science prior to death (a paid position Doug Nagy termed 'blood whore'). He developed for us a theological position known by two names: the theology of swearing, or, the swearing gospel. The simple premise? A word is a word. Cuss words are not inherently bad. No word is but, rather, the way it is used determines its value. And so we found our sailor's tongues and swore our heads off in our newfound freedom. All that to say that I found a site that corroborates Epps' position. And Paul used the word 'crap' in Philippians 3:8? I wonder if this guy was just trying to ease people into this idea and the word could actually be interpreted as 'shit'.
I also heard that the story of Ezekiel and the prophets of Baal (is that the right one?) had Ezekiel mocking the other side, asking if Baal was not responding because he was on the can. [Pretend answering machine message] 'Hi, you've reached Baal. I'm either away from the phone in my non-existence or I'm taking a dump. Leave a message and keep believing that I can rain fire down because you're in for a surprise when it's not me responding.' Can you believe the study of foul language is called kakalogology? I want to do that when I grow up.

Blondel is a pretty funny guy. He can engage in a fierce bout of sarcasm and wit unmatched by most mortals. He sent me an e-mail last month with one line and a link. He wrote, "this guy is related to your hero. for real." I figured it was someone that was dumb or maybe it was Frank Stallone. Here's the link for you to find out who it was. I laughed. A lot.

Yes, this is new. Yes, it is brief. Believe it or not, this is old stuff I started writing but never published because I wanted to add more. I envy those of you who are able to write succinctly or just add a little line here and there. Know that I appreciate it because your blogs are the sites that I visit daily. A fair bit of stuff has happened since my last post but I'll try to get to that. You know, road trip to the east coast, couple cottage stops, work junk... And a little bit of coke. Maybe this long weekend will facilitate my continuing (yet very rarely occurring) diatribe.