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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Aloha from Cuba!

Well, kids, I can't tell you about how excited I am to be out of this urine-soaked hell-hole we call southern Ontario. We're on our way in about 14 hours to Cayo Coco, Cuba! You could have joined us but, unless your names are Josh, Amanda, Katie or Darren, you are a chump and you'll be at home while we're having fun down south. This is where we are staying in case you need to get a hold of us. This is the weather we will be enjoying. You can see what your weather will be by checking The Weather Network. Did you know that when we were in high school, our friend Head/Toast/Steve used to watch The Weather Network for fun? He did.

So I bid you adieu until I return. I hope you have wonderful respective weeks. I'm going to miss the first two sermons from the next series called, 'A Questioning God: What Does God Wonder About?' Listen to this sermon and we can talk about it later. Rod and Ben told me that it discusses the position of open theism (I hesitate to refer to it as a doctrine, though it likely is). Woo hoo! PEACE!