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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

I heard that George Bush actually told the Iraqi military (who likely do not have access to CNN) not to fight back. Are you serious? How would America respond to a soldier who refused to fight? Does it just make sense that the Iraqi military would NOT fight against an invasion? So ignorant.

I finally figured out how to dub my records to the computer so they can be burned. I love this. I was able to copy a bunch of my dad's old blues records (Skip James, Buddy Guy, James Cotton, Sonny Boy Williamson), as well as other 7"s that have never been released otherwise.

The Juliana Theory and Snapcase are playing in Toronto tonight. I would have liked to go but I got home late tonight from work and have to be up early tomorrow. The new Juliana Theory album is pretty good. The lyrics aren't as good but the production is out of this world. Sure, some would say it's a little too perfect but the thickness of the sound is great. And the latest Snapcase is wicked. The music is some of the best they've ever done but I find I'm getting tired of Daryl's vocals. They don't change at all. His lyrics, however, keep me listening. Too bad Tim isn't manning the drums anymore. I'm happy for him though because he's doing what he is passionate about - teaching. He's a great guy and I'm proud of his dedication and compassion.


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