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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Rube, Rube, what's up baby? What's up dawg? Yeah, he won. Good for him. Does everyone really care? I'm envious of his voice but I'm tired of this stuff.
All sorts of crazy stuff happening at work. People are leaving, others are getting new positions and I'm still in the same place. Hmmmm.
Blondel tells me that the magazine is coming into place real nice like. I spent a freakin' hour transcribing only 10 minutes of our interview with Pigeon John. Blondel has this way of posing questions that aren't actually complete sentences or thoughts. It's really something. Hehehe. Not that my incessant and idiotic laughter on the tape isn't endearing. Oh, wait, it's not.
Well, I've gotta shave and then read then sleep. Mike gave me the book, 'The Gospel According To The Simpsons'. It's interesting but kind of weak. I love the Simpsons so I am interested in reading about insights into the show or what the author thinks the show represents but instead it's mostly a collection of quotes from the show. Of course, the quotes are still damn funny.


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