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Friday, May 09, 2003

I'm coming to you from the booming metropolis of Peterborough, Ontario. Chillin' at my friends', Dave & Melody's, house. They're at work. Suckas. I take that back. I'm lonely with no one to hold me. Enjoying my few days off. I'm going to set out to Huntsville in a couple of hours to see Laurie and the whole crew that are coming up.
Last night, Blondel and I went to see Pigeon John in Belleville. The crowd, again, sucked. I saw him in Hamilton and there were about the same number of people - 10. It was brutal. This guy is one of my hip hop heroes and no one was there to experience it. We did an interview with him last night too for the new magazine, Bottle Breaker. Should be slick. I spent part of the day yesterday writing some stuff for it. I really like what's been put down thus far. Pigeon was interested in writing for us too, which is wicked.
A couple other MCs represented well in Hamilton and Belleville. Ndidi Cascade, straight from the Van City, and Eekwol, comin' outta Saskatoon. Much respect to the ladies who rocked it. You can visit their sites at www.ndidicascade.com and www.innersoulflow.com - thanks for getting us in!
That's about all I have to contribute right now. I've gotta shave in the worst way. I look so hobo right now. A damn fine hobo, I'll admit, but still a hobo. PEACE!


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