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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Yes, guy!

Thanks to Dave Lapsley, I'm back in the game. The dude cleared up several computer issues in no time as well as hooked me up with Firefox. Blondel had been talking about it for years but I paid him no mind. I was wrong about this one, Blonsi. I'm sorry.

Today went from a hopeful, productive day to almost nada. I worked out with Eric and Chad this morning. Chad and I went over to Future Shop briefly as I'm in the market for some new speakers after the basement flood (I can't remember if I posted about that - probably not). I then came home to await contact with Lapsley as he ventured into the slightly-cleaner-than-Toronto, city of Hamilton. By the time we hooked up, two hours had passed. Oh well, we had a good visit. Dave's a great guy and I wish I saw him more often. He's crazily addicted to Facebook. For instance, I log on multiple times a day if I'm not doing anything but sitting on my ass at home. Dave logged on AT MY HOUSE. Hahaha. He just left to join Darren, Larissa, Charles and I'm sure other friendly folks downtown.

I had hoped to make three more stops this day. One at East Hamilton Radio and then Best Buy (regarding the speakers). Then another at Sinkin' Ink, a tattoo shop around the corner. Yes, after many years of delay, I hope to get a new tattoo in the next couple months. Maybe I'll have to wait until after summer. I don't want it fading and looking like crap.

Melanie is working today and tomorrow during the day. I guess I'll head out to do those trips tomorrow after church. Tonight should be a lot of fun as I'll be hanging out with some good guys. Josh and I (and maybe Taxman if he's not tuckered out from visiting his lady-friend) are going to Sakes' house to watch the Leafs-Canadiens game and then UFC. Lots of ass-kicking.

Well, thanks to you for reading. Let me know you're out there, people. Hi Krista!


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