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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I should really make a Denison blog

I have three videos of Denison live from over the years. Now, with my fancy new computer, I can share them. This one was from the tour with Copeland and Rainer Maria. Enjoy. I just copied one of my Rosie Thomas shows to the meaty hard drive so I'll share that in the coming days. Make sure you sing along, kids.

VIDEO: Live at the Kathedral in Toronto, Ontario (June 15,2005) [WMV file - 80 megs]

Can anyone recommend good audio and video editing software? I grew to love Creative WAV Studio and Roxio Easy CD Creator on my old system. I need something to rip music, convert to different formats, edit WAV files and then burn. Any suggestions are appreciated.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, is there anyway I could get that video of denison or any other videos or live audio you have? If i could that'd be great. my email address is rjustice21@verizon.net. thanks

2:42 PM


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