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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happy 2-4!

Good day, welcome to my blog, eh? Growing up, Bob & Doug were two of my heroes. They're, like, geniuses or something. Anyways, they celebrated the twenty-fourth anniversary of Strange Brew on the Victoria Day long weekend and I got to watch it on TV, eh? Now you get to watch some of the highlights. My favourite part is at the two minute mark when they engage in a debate. It's genius, eh? Bill, make sure you tell Wible to check this out. I've e-mailed that hoser but he's never responded.

Then check out these hoseheads engage in a drinking game around the movie. I think the premise is that they have to take a drink of beer every time Bob or Doug say 'eh'. They run out of beer quickly.

Finally, Bob & Doug review their own movie back in 1983. It's clever. Take off, eh!


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