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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Heads sleep on me like I'm the softest of pillows

My man, the Listener, makes the news in Spokane. Check the story lead here and watch the news clip here. This dude is awesome. He has a blunt instrument and he speaks bluntly into it, some people call it 'micro' but we happen to think it's infinite.

The house is coming together a little bit more every day. Unfortunately, I'm stuck as to how much more I can do at this point. I need my bookshelf and CD shelves up! I hope to get them trimmed later this week when Melanie's dad visits. They're about three centimetres (that's just slightly over one inch, Bill) too tall. Dangit! Can't wait to get all my CDs and DVDs up on the wall. It's an impressive collection, if I do say so myself. I added to this collection today. I stumbled across the special extended editions of 'The Fellowship Of The Ring' and 'Return Of The King' (that's parts one and three of The Lord Of The Rings trilogy) at HMV for only $19.99 each. I shit you not, my friends! I also got Russell Peters' new DVD (I had seen one of the two sets previously) and the last Anberlin album, Never Take Friendship Personal (for only $11!).

We just received our wedding present from Allan & Melanie Horning. Of course, Melanie had nothing to do with the gift being sixteen months late. It's all Allan's fault.

Jon Belanger visited on Friday and Saturday. He was in town to accompany his brother, Adam, and four kids from Adam's youth group down to Teen Missions to do some work in boot camp. I can't wait to hear the stories of Jon's triumphant return to the grounds that almost killed him from too many stale tacos and milkshakes. He'll be kicking around town when he gets back next week for a few days too, which is great. On Friday, Melanie was gracious enough to prepare a delicious meal of prime rib, smashed potatoes, honey almond carrots and sesame broccoli (not to mention the incredible apple pie) for myself, Jon and Josh. She's the best cook I've ever met. I'm one lucky fellow.

Saturday had Melanie baking more wonderful treats (caramel pecan cake) as we hosted our friends Scott, Janice & Naomi Moreton, Mike & Andria Slack and Mark, Lisa & Ben Wolfe. It was a great time of catching up (we don't get to see the Moretons or Wolves that often because they're busy with their kids), joking around (Mark, I could easily fit more than just 'Che' on my dink, fatso) and enjoying each other's company.

Today, we went to church, heard a killer sermon on prayer and then went out for authentic Alabama BBQ at Camp 31 with Rod and Patti Tombs. We're so lucky to have met such awesome people through The Meeting House. It's hard to believe that we spent the afternoon with people almost as old as our parents. I don't have many friends who are over 30-35 years old. Rod's somewhere around 45, though Patti's got to be almost 29 now - right, Patti? You two are marvelous.

Anyhow, Melanie's out at some unredeemable country concert tonight. She looked damn sexy heading out, though, and made me wish I could have gone too. I'm going to make a sandwich and head to bed. I'll write at you later.


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