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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Big bad Benny

Do you like Benny Hinn? Have you been healed by his ministry? Do you tune in religiously because you believe him to be God's messenger? Me neither. I think he's more of a tool than a messenger. Anyhow, my friend Justin sent me a link to this rather extensive article about Brother Hinn. Let me make it very clear - the man is a fake and he's dangerous. Read it and learn why. I lent Justin my copy of the DVD, 'The Many Faces Of Benny Hinn', in which Benny makes such claims as: Adam had the power of flight, Benny saw a man turn into a snake (in Canada, no less!), angels talk to him and various other funny and sad prophecies. You can watch a preview here.

We had a wonderful time last weekend in Cobourg at the marital union of Mike and Andria Slack. First, I found a pretty killer music store and spent a lot of money. I picked up the new Zao 'The Lesser Lights Of Heaven' DVD, which was pretty well done (clocking in at 3.5 hours in the documentary alone!) and my boy, Bill, gets name-dropped (even if Shawn Jonas says his name wrong). I also got the latest Black Rebel Motorcycle Club on Todd's recommendation and Neil Young's greatest hits. Got a DVD and CD for my dad too - you can't buy Christmas gifts too early!
Second, we ate at this awesome breakfast place called The Buttermilk Cafe. I had a nice big breakfast. Mmmm, breakfast. The day after the wedding, we all gathered at Andria's parents' house and they made up this incredible brunch for about thirty people. Some amazing muffins were eaten before we ventured back to the Creek. Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Harvey (as well Andria's sisters, Sara[h] and Emily, and their partners, Matt and Peter). Matt and Peter also played some beautiful acoustic pieces before the wedding began.
Third, Mike and Andria got married in a really nice ceremony and we had a great time partying with our friends. There wasn't a ton of dancing, though Melanie and Katie tried to keep it going. I shook my booty a few times too. And we ate some great cakes for dessert.

I know, that seems ignorant, doesn't it? Priorities - music, food then friends pledging their undying love to each other. Yep, that's perfect. Hahaha. Melanie tells me dinner is ready so I must depart. Maybe you should eat something too. You're looking a little gaunt from over here.


Blogger Dave.B. said...

I read a bit of the Benny article and nearly vomitted. It's unreal that people actually hand over cash to this guy. Like the article says, it's a lot of people who are terminally ill who have tried all kinds of medical solutions, and this is just one more 'trial'. Unfortunately for them there is no money-back guarantee.
What's the solution to the Benny problem though? He's a documented fake, yet people ignore that in hopes of winning the healing lottery.

11:21 a.m.

Blogger HCJoel said...

The solution should be jail. I've read that we, in Canada, have rules from the CRTC (Canadian Radio & Telecommunications Commission) that restrict what people can say on TV or radio. It applies primarily to televangelists. You can't promise healing and whatnot in exchange for money. I'm guessing they don't have anything like that in the U.S.
We should also be inundating Vision, CTS and any other 'religious' broadcasters to not put Benny and his crazy friends on TV. Granted, those fakes are also on non-religious stations. I guess enough money can get anybody time on the tube.

12:24 p.m.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


This place is the best place for breakfast. FARMHOUSE PLATTER look out :)

oh BTW there is no Hell, no Devil, no Heaven just God and the return of his son.

10:53 p.m.


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