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Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Juliana Theory Is Dead

Right after I write about Zao (Brett Detar's former band), I read that The Juliana Theory has called it quits. That's too bad. I don't have the latest album, Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat, but the songs on their site sound like what I would expect - good. I never got into their 'Love' album. I adored 'Understand This Is A Dream' back when I got it in 1999. I wrote a glowing review of it for the university paper and it stuck in my CD player for months. Their sophomore album, 'Emotion Is Dead', still ranks as one of my favourite albums of all-time in spite of it having some of the worst cover art ever. There's enough sweetness and rock to keep my palate satisfied. Once they went off to Epic to record 'Love', I lost interest. It wasn't my thing. I will cherish the two times I got to see them live (easily one of the most entertaining bands I have seen). I also got to interview Josh Fiedler via e-mail for an online zine and chatted with him for a little while in Toronto before one of their shows. I don't think they ever got their due as a fabulous band because of ignorance such as that contained in the above-linked review of their first album. Good luck to the boys and I hope to hear your future endeavours if they end up being musical.

I've been meaning to post this picture for a while. These are three of my friends. From the left is Chantal, Ada & Heather. Chantal is the Chantal who I often talk about because she's a wonderful friend who I worked with/look forward to working with again when she's finished school. Ada is an awesome person that I met in the last year of university (it was the last year, wasn't it?) through her best friend, Heather (yes, this Heather). I met Heather in first year. Heather is one of the two people (her other best friend, Amy, being the second) that encouraged me to apply for the job I currently have. Heather is an incredibly kind and insightful person that I wish I saw/talked to more. They're all going to school together to get their Master's degrees and confirm that they are, in fact, smarter than me. I told them to save their money because everyone already knew that (including me) but they wanted the diploma to prove it. Hahahaha.

And while I'm posting pictures of people I know, here's one of Jeff and his daughter, Grace. Jeff's beautiful wife, Lyndsey, gave Jeff the gift of a child late last year. For those of you that know him, he's become even more of a suck since that time, if you can believe it. Jeff's a killer dude with a wicked sense of humour and a warm heart. I got to see him last week at Josh's house when we watched the Super Bowl with Matt, Head, Booj, Nathan and Stefan. There was a lot of food eaten (particularly Matt's delicious homemade chili) and plenty of insults hurled at Booj. As always. Good times.

Canada has already risen to the top of the podium in the Olympics. Jennifer Heil of Spruce Grove, Alberta won a gold medal in the freestyle moguls. I hate skiing but I love my country and like to see us do well in sports. I can't wait for men's hockey to start. Buckle up, U.S.A. You're going to get rocked. I hope it's as brutal a drubbing as the Canadian women laid on Italy - 16-0, yo. Get ready.


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