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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Oh sweet, sweet BBQ...

My friend Rod goes down to Birmingham, Alabama a lot for business. He, like me, loves BBQ. For those of you unfamiliar to BBQ culture, that's how you refer to any food cooked on a barbecue. You don't refer to 'barbecued chicken' or whatever. You just say 'barbecue' and that encompasses all the possible foods. Mmmmmm... Anyhow, Rod is heading down south this week and he said he would try to bring back a menu from a place called Jimmy Nick's (a brief search of the Web did not unveil a link I could give you - but there was a restaurant called Jim 'N' Nick's, which I think is what Rod meant)that he eats at sometimes when he is in town. This is his response to my brilliant burn when I gave him a menu from Dipamo's in Toronto after Melanie and I ate there. I gave him the menu at church (and I wore my Phil's Original BBQ shirt to rub it in further - I'm a jerk) and I don't think he even paid attention to the sermon. He kept reading the menu, salivating and dreaming of delicious BBQ.

What's my point? That's the backstory. Granted, none of you would likely care if I didn't provide that. Anyhow, Rod asked me if I had ever eaten a Milo's hamburger. I had never even heard of Milo's so I went searching. I found the site. I also found this link. That's just weird. And funny. Get bent.

Oh yeah, I'm rocking a full-on beard now, for those who haven't seen me lately. Melanie hasn't forced me to shave it, I've got plenty of compliments on it and NOT shaving is one of the best experiences of my life. Like Graham Nash sings, 'I am a simple man'. Ok, think of all the witty, sarcastic comments you can now and post them in the comments.


Anonymous The Meatriarchy said...

Dipalmo's is expensive no? Old Camp 31 in Paris (just outside Brantford) is much cheaper.

9:22 p.m.

Blogger Carolynn said...

Joel... just wanted to let you know that the talent playing Friday night is: Forever Means Never with Play Oliver. Not who you thought!


8:57 p.m.

Blogger HCJoel said...

The Meatriarchy - Dipamo's is not pricey. For the quality and quantity of food, it's damn good. Well worth the drive and expense. Thanks for the tip on Camp 31.

Carolynn - Thanks for the info and the visit! Hope to see you Friday.

4:26 p.m.


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