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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

It was my birthday on Sunday. Yay, birthday! We had a party at Belly's house on Saturday, which was fun. Melanie is the coolest and most kind person in this hemisphere. She made all sorts of goodies, spent a ton of money and didn't ask for anything. Thank you, Melanie!!
It's a long weekend, folks. How are you going to use it? I'm going to Buffalo tomorrow night to see Damien Jurado, Dave Fischoff and Adam Voith. I'm excited. I hope work goes well and I don't have to stay late.
I'm beat and I'm going to read. I'm reading an interesting book that critiques recent trends in Biblical criticism such as the Jesus Seminar. That group of people, while possibly intelligent in some form, is unbelievably stupid.
On a final note, it looks like another 'zine will be emerging from the ashes and hopes of Building Adam. Potentially called 'Bottle Breaker' (thanks, Bill!). Got the idea while rocking out to the first Blenderhead record, which has a song by that name. I thought it was a great name for what we want the 'zine to be - speaking to our culture and our world in a way that is meaningful, knowing that we'll likely be shouted down or ignored. Peace.
"I'm just a bottle breaker, voice-raising fool. Who am I to ever think that I could be used by you? I've caused another fight and I know it's all my fault. You can hear me cuss and scream all the way down the hall."


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