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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

I got my first speeding ticket today. Don't I feel like a chump? Yes, I do. I was on my way home (early, I might add) from a call and there's this section of road along Queenston Road that's three lanes wide and it was only myself and another car. I just I let my foot do what it normally does on that section of road and apparently I made it up to 80 when I was supposed to be doing 60. Blast it! He wrote the ticket at 75 instead of 80 so there are no demerit points and the fine is $52 - which somehow includes a $10 service charge. Bastards. It's like kicking me in the shins right after kicking me in the nuts - unnecessary and I can't protest. That'll teach me. My clean driving record is shot. Dammit!
On a very expensive note, I start my process of de-hairing my face tomorrow. If I didn't tell you, I'm having laser hair removal done on my face (the neck hair line) and back of my neck. Yeah, unlike Baloneyhead, I'm not down with the caveman look with hair growing down my shirt. I can't wait until the hair stops growing!!! Imagine the freedom - what am I going to do with that extra 5 minutes I usually spend trying to shave that area? Hot dang!


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