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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

I'd never flipped the bird to someone before yesterday. It happened in the car when I was driving along Mud Street. It's two lanes but the right lane has to merge to enter the Linc Expressway. Some dumbass is in the right lane, knows he's got to get over so he just comes over. He ignored the fact that I was basically right beside him. He was maybe one-third to one-half ahead of me (i.e., the front of my car was at the middle of his minivan). I slammed on the brakes, leaned on the horn and let him know that I thought his driving was the tops (#1). The jackass then sarcastically waved out the window at me. I was pretty dang close to following him when he exited the expressway but I had to be at Melanie's house. I called the cops and reported his aggressive driving ass. Hopefully he gets some sort of reprimand. Moron.


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