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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Quote of the day

"This is a shitty dollar store." - Dude with high expectations at Eastgate Mall

Today is Saturday. I think my last post was started on Saturday. The week has been really busy. Some crappy cases at work, particularly one in which I had to place a kid in foster care temporarily. And, believe it or not, it's because of other professionals who aren't doing their job, not because the parents were harming the kid (though they have their own issues). It's frustrating when you work with individuals with limited skills/abilities.

Last night, Melanie worked so I was making like Macaulay Culkin. I watched an episode of C.S.I. (I found out at the halfway mark that I had previously watched the second half of the episode - weird). I then started watching Crimson Gold, an Iranian movie that was, I have just learned, considered 'too dark' so it was never released in Iran. Watch the trailer and then read some reviews. I bought it for $10 used at Blockbuster. I also picked up In This World for $5. Here is its trailer.

I'm chatting with Michelle Grunert right now on MSN. I called Darren Salmond earlier as he just got in from Chicago and was interested in Cuba but he wasn't answering. And I called Mike & Sandi and Josh but no one answered at their respective homes either.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of Cuba and why almost all of you suck because you're not coming with us... Katie is coming with us! Katie also got a new job at my agency. In fact, she'll spend the first month and a half sitting immediately beside me. Lucky her. Congratulations and welcome aboard!

Tonight, we're going to a banquet for my softball league. I hope it's fun. At the very least, we will get food. I hope there is a lot of food and it's good food (not that shitty stuff I keep hearing about).

Tomorrow, I'll be at church. You can listen to the same thing I'm going to hear by downloading the sermon. It's given by Princess Zulu, a global AIDS activist. I hope to see Chantal and Taxman (amongst many others) there. Oh, and if you're the praying kind, give some thoughts to the Taxman. He's had a terrible week and could use some divine comfort.

The new Sigur Rós album is good. Very good. What hooked me in was the video for the first single, glósóli. It's in Quicktime and the quality is magnificent (visually and aurally). You can see the first video of their's that I ever saw for the track, viðrar vel til loftárása, too but it's for Windows Media Player. Enjoy!

With that, I shall depart. It's short but some of the shortest things are the sweetest. Like the midgets from 'The Wizard Of Oz'. I bid you 'adieu'. If you're in the Peterborough, go to Cinema 379 to see Searching For The Wrong-Eyed Jesus. I wish I could have been up there to catch it. Blondel, I hope to see you soon. PEACE!


Blogger Darren said...

Hey! I've posted twice about you now, and I have yet to see you link to either of my blogs! C'mon, dude! Toss me a couple spots in your links!

Love, Darren.

7:55 p.m.


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