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Monday, August 22, 2005

It's booked. Melanie and I booked our trip to Cayo Coco, Cuba today! We will be staying at the El Senador resort. Not only will it be awesome to be away with my wife, we'll be sharing the time with our good friends, Josh and Amanda. In addition, and with any luck for us (as well as verbal beratings for them), Melanie's sister, Katie, best friend, Melanie Ramsay, and one of the greatest human beings to ever walk the planet, Jon Belanger, will join us as well. It's going to be a great time - you won't want to miss it!

I've been listening to the two unreleased tracks from Deepspace5 available only on their website. Grab 'em here and here quick before they get taken down. It's nice to finally have some decent hip hop since Mars Ill's new album was shelved permanently due to sampling issues. Dammit!

Melanie is gone to work now. She's working two night shifts before she has two weeks off with me. That's right, I'm on vacation - again! Hey, I earned it. Keeping kids safe is a tiring, thankless job most of the time. Especially when you don't get recognized outside of your team (in spite of what Kevin says) or get opportunities to move onward and upward in your career. Yes, I'm bitter. Fortunately, I've got Rick to commiserate with for a while.

I meant to comment on the ridiculous increases in gas prices. In the past couple weeks, one litre of gas has averaged $1.02. For you Americans, that's about $3.12 US for a gallon. I'm not kidding. It's gone up around twenty-five cents (that's a whole quarter of a dollar as well as thirty-three percent) in the past year. Not to mention that the price changes at least once daily. How can it be $1.02 in the morning but $0.96 in the late afternoon? And why does it fluctuate EVERY DAY?!?! AND WHY DO ALL GAS STATIONS HAVE THE SAME PRICE (except for Pioneer, which is consistently .3 cents cheaper) WHEN THEY SAY THEY OPERATE INDEPENDENTLY? AM I ANGRY? YOU BET I AM!!! The government has to do something about this. It's a joke and the only ones laughing at the punchline are the gas companies.

We watched another episode of Freaks and Geeks this afternoon. It rules. Just ask Mike. He's been won over by Sam, Neal, Bill, Lindsay, Kim, Daniel, Nick and Ken. Oh, and don't forget Mr. Rosso! You'd be wise to pick it up and watch it repeatedly.

Karen gave me a gift years ago with a section of Isaiah 58 (verses 6-9) on it. I re-discovered it recently and it is really encouraging. The whole chapter is awesome. Here's the New Living Translation version and The Message for your reading/thinking/pondering pleasure.

It's taken me two days to finish this post because my computer sucks so bad. At least I didn't lose this post - yet. We're going up to Tobermory tomorrow to camp with Melanie's dad for a couple nights. I've never been and Melanie has talked about this place for as long as I've known her. It will be a good time. In the words of Chris Carrabba, "I hope this letter finds you well."


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