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Thursday, October 27, 2005

At the base of your skull, I've got a place there still

I've been meaning to listen to Wood/Water by The Promise Ring for weeks but never got around to it. It's spinning now. Why the sudden follow-through? I bought the latest issue of Alternative Press and didn't even realize until I was reading it that they had a big 'oral history' of The Promise Ring. I was thrilled. TPR was probably the first band I went to see at a small show - the first time I met my good friend, Michelle Grunert. I think it might have been the first time I met Todd Brown too. I'm less certain of that. Anyhow, TPR were the headliners at Club Shanghai while Jimmy Eat World opened for them. They won me over with their simple yet beautiful melodies, Jason Gnewikow's incredible hooks, Dan Didier's excited drumming and Davey von Bohlen's straight-forward singing and awesome dancing. I can throw on any of their records and revel in them. They're playing a reunion show in Chicago and I wish I were there. Speaking of them, I need to search for information on the new project, Maritime, with Davey and Dan.

Well, the real reason I was creating this post was to draw your attention to one man - Darren Conley. Affectionately known as 'Conks' or 'The Hammer', Darren is a great man. I've known him a long time. Darren is dying for attention and feels that if he does anything for you, you have to do something for him. He mentioned me on his blog so he demanded that I do the same or he would spray paint my house. Fine, Darren. Here's your damn link! Hahahaha. I'm kidding. We have a lot in common. Darren hates shaving. I hate shaving. Darren's girlfriend is very photogenic. Almost as photogenic as my wife. Ok, so I'm biased (and still completely correct). Darren can make me laugh really easily because he's probably in the top three of greatest story-tellers I know. Go check his site. And read his post about his friend, Chuck. That made me laugh out loud a couple times.

I'm single for a few days because Melanie went away with some friends. It's lonely, yo. Do you want to sleepover? Please say you will. I'm on my way to homechurch. I'll talk to you fools later.


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