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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Why do I continue this? I guess it's a dream that someone somewhere will take an interest in my stupid words. I'm off for a week (11 full days, actually) as of Thursday at 4:30. Of course, I have a 4:45 appointment so it'll be sometime around 5:30. But then I'm free of the bondage of work for a while.
What am I doing, you wonder? Going up north to Barry's Bay! It's my favourite place in the world (aside from my bed on a Saturday morning in the middle of winter). I'm really excited. Melanie and I went out and bought all the non-perishable food and we'll be driving up there on Saturday. Hopefully we'll have a few friends come up with us, at least for a few days of the week. Seven days of relaxation - swimming, boating, fishing and enjoying God's green earth. Awesome.
I'm reading 'An American Childhood' by Annie Dillard still. It's been a while because she has a weird writing style. Maybe not 'weird' but 'uncommon'. It's a difficult read. She can write a whole chapter that has little description of her own life (it's an autobiography) but talks about geological research. Wacky. It's good, just different from what I normally read. I'm not sure what I want to read next. I've got a bunch of options and no clear choice.
I'm going to cut my nails and call some people tonight. A nice, laid-back evening. I should probably do the dishes. The ants have eaten all the leftover food.


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