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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

This goes out to Jeff Timko...

... who has been searching for himself on Google. Now, I am not sure if this is the Jeff Timko a.k.a. Omar Epps that I know. It may very well be. If so, I dedicate this post to you, my boy.

Jeff got into footbag a while back. To the uninitiated, it's merely hacky sack. To those footbag fanatics, that is foolishness and irreverence. Since I talk to Jeff approximately once a year, I didn't know he got some recognition for his physical activity of choice. Here's the newspaper article from his neck of the woods. The pictures aren't working, which sucks. Jeff is a very attractive man. In lieu of those, I will post another picture for your enjoyment. Lust away, ladies and gents!

That's Jeff (left) and Mike (not left). Max is lurking in the background, wondering when he's going to be in the spotlight. When you smell as nice as these boys, Max.

Jeff and Max are clearly enjoying the company of 'Sexy' Sandi Vandermark and 'Seductive' Sarah Schindler. [Insert growling/purring sounds here.]

Three boys who were some of my closest friends growing up. Jeff, Mike & Sean Vanderkooy, always making the ladies turn their heads. Dudes can check 'em out too.

And now, to leave you with one final photograph. Mike gave me tonnes of awesome pictures from my wedding. This is one of my favourites. Joel Hubick was a last-minute invitee. He came to Stoney Creek and did an internship at Paramount Drive Alliance Church and I was lucky enough to hang out with him just a few times. He was (and I'm sure continues to be) a killer dude. Since we have the same first name, he was 'Maverick' and I was 'Goose'. Play volleyball with us and we'll crush you. Anyhow, Maverick shared in our wonderful evening and was a ton of fun on the dancefloor. As you can see in the picture, he shares my passion for goofy poses in pictures. Thanks, Maverick, wherever you are. [Notice the always lovely Lorraine Conley kickin' it barefoot in the background.]


Anonymous Chantelle Brown said...

Yep.... Omar is still a hottie!
Lol.... nice to hear he's getting recognition for somthing he loves :)

2:53 PM

Anonymous krista said...

Fun to see pics of these guys after not seeing them in a lifetime. They all look the very same. You guys had such a great group of friends - glad you keep in touch!

9:38 PM

Anonymous Darren Conley said...

I'm not sure that I approve of barefoot pictures of my sister on your blog, Joel. Also, you send me a lot of YouTube emails. Not that I mind. Just pointing it out.

3:09 PM

Anonymous mandy and peter and trevor and angie and trish said...

this is a message for jeff timko: we would like to know what the bloody hell he's been doing with himself in the near decade since cbc.

4:33 PM

Blogger On The Mac said...

Well done Jeff.


I have been playing some poker with him in Sydney and he just came 2nd in a tournament during the Anzpt.

I actually googled him hahha, to make sure it was the same Jeff.


8:19 PM


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