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Sunday, October 01, 2006

That's what friends are for

Aren't friends great? Always there with an encouraging word and making you feel better. As I was going through e-mails, and found a caring message from my friend, Matt. The story goes like this... I don't see Matt a lot so when we were talking, I told him that some other folks were talking about going to see the local football team, the Hamilton Tiger Cats, lose (they suck this year, like most years). Matt said to call him about it. I did - after we went to the game. I totally forgot he expressed interest in going and I didn't remember until the day of the game, after the tickets had been purchased. I felt horrible so I repeatedly verbally castigated myself, using the reference of 'jerk' most often in my apologies. Matt is a gracious man and offered this response to make me not feel as bad.

you are not a jerk. you are stupid. the difference is all in the intention. =)

Here's hoping you have friends as awesome as mine. Of course, you're probably my friend so it won't be me. However, you've got at least one 'friend' you can count on to forget you, ignore you and offer other forms of disrespect. Please accept my apologies in advance. I'm not a jerk. I'm stupid, just like Matt said.


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