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Monday, August 07, 2006

It's a beautiful day to be Canadian

Did you foreign devils (i.e., Americans) know that we have a bunch of holidays for no reason whatsoever? Well, I suppose it is probably balanced out by other days you have off that we don't (e.g. MLK Day). Anyhow, we're off today for a 'civic holiday'. Pretty sweet. We do crazy things like get naked and sit in boxes. At least, that is what my sister and I did back in the day. Woo nelly, those were good times. Hahahaha.

This weekend has been busy. On Friday, I went to play poker with friends from church. It was a charity fundraiser (we raised $250 plus four bags of groceries for a local food bank) and a good time was had by all.
On Saturday, I worked out with Taxman in the morning (he weighs about forty pounds less than me but equals or outlifts me in every exercise) and then went out with Josh & Amanda in the evening for Mexican food (I'm not a huge fan but it was pretty good) and a movie (Talladega Nights). The movie had some great lines but it dragged by the end, much like Nacho Libre.

Yesterday (that'd be Sunday), I threw Melanie a surprise early birthday party of one (i.e., me). She has repeatedly expressed her discontent with sharing her birthday season with Jesus (her's is one week before we celebrate His) so I decorated and did some fun stuff with her. We went out for a delicious brunch and then to an outdoor antique market. I gave her presents and then we watched a flick.

Melanie has been uncomfortable with the lack of movies we watch (I end up watching something shorter on TV like C.S.I. frequently) so we rented An Unfinished Life (good film) and The United States of Leland (not as good). The former had some interesting insights into forgiveness and the trials of life. The latter had a great score by Jeremy Enigk. Speaking of Jeremy, he's playing tonight in Toronto but I won't be there. Another great artist I let pass by.

Today, we watched the second movie in the afternoon after I cut the grass and tidied the yard a bit. I went and finally bought a Monster Cookie Blizzard from Dairy Queen. While I was pleased to have an employee who gave me plenty of toppings, she overdid it with the chocolate sauce. Egads, my teeth started to rock as I was eating it. Melanie stated that my suggestion of excessive chocolate was blasphemy.

What are you doing this evening? Aside from reading this kick-asser blog, of course. Darren & Larissa want us to start using the word 'offenton' instead of 'often'. I told him I would not do so but I would continue to use 'kick-asser' as an adjective akin to 'better' or 'more good'. You should do the same.

Finally, I leave you with two of my favourite pictures taken at my wedding almost two years ago. I found them again as I was trying to get that picture of Josh & Amanda. I always laugh when I see them. Jon and Josh are two of my best friends and both of them are hilarious (total babes, too). Anyhow, I'll let the pictures do the talking. Belanger, I'm sorry I forgot your birthday. Or should I just lie and say you were too drunk to remember that I called? I'll go with the honest answer, I suppose.


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