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Sunday, August 20, 2006

So tell me something I don't already know

I just discovered that I was linked to over at B.I.C. Blogs, a blog which links to other blogs maintained by folks that are involved with Brethren In Christ churches, of which I am. Thanks for finding me, Pat!

For those who haven't heard, my car was stolen on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. I worked really late on Wednesday on a bad case (kids with serious injuries caused by a parent) and didn't get home until 10:15PM. Of course, that was my last evening to spend with Melanie before she worked for two days and went camping with her family for four days. She made a delicious meal of ribs, garlic smashed potatoes and lemon zucchini. Are you drooling yet, Rod? She ate it alone. I ate mine the following evening alone. That was sad. Anyhow, at some point in that night, some unkind individuals decided to take my car without my permission. My neighbour told me the following day that her dog was freaking out around 2AM but she didn't know why. I bet I have an idea now.

It's a really odd feeling to walk out of your house and expect to find your vehicle where you left it, only it isn't there. I second- and third-guessed myself, wondering if I had somehow parked further down the street. When I called the police, they checked to see if it had been towed for some reason but it wasn't. I spent two hours of my morning calling the police and my insurance company. I missed an appointment at work. Luckily, I got a rental car within that time period and was able to go to work. Because I was busy, what had happened didn't really sink in until that night while laying in bed. I had this creepy, unsettling feeling, wondering if I had locked the door or what I would do if someone broke in. That's not right.

The update is that the police found my car, just over three kilometres away from our house. I haven't seen it yet but I've been told that the locks on the doors are broken and the ignition is wrecked. This is better than losing it completely because I've spent a lot of money maintaining that beast in the best condition (in terms of its engine) it can be for a 1995. And I'll still be able to say, 'I drive a Dodge Stratus!' like Will Ferrell did on SNL. Tomorrow, I'll call my insurance company and see what instructions they give me.

I haven't talked to this guy in quite a while in spite of multiple calls to his home. Sure, he called me back one but not since. Jon never called me back either, though I missed his birthday because I'm in the top five of worst friends ever and because he doesn't call back anyway.

I did sound today at church. It was only the second time I engaged in this task without the assistance of Mr. Mike Slack (a.k.a. Pants). It's so much easier without the drums. They had a great percussionist who played a djembe and another type of hand drum (like a box - maybe it was just a box). I think I did alright. I also got to expose the folks to some different music as I put together a CD of different stuff. Here's the tracklisting of the first of many such discs (I'm going to explore the possibility of having genre themes to warn people - particularly the older crowd - that they may hear things they to which they are not accustomed).

1. Buddy Miller - There's A Higher Power
2. Johnny Cash - When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder
3. Jars Of Clay ft. The Blind Boys Of Alabama - Nothing But The Blood
4. Sarah Sadler - How Deep The Father's Love For Us
5. Sufjan Stevens - Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing (follow link for MP3)
6. The Innocence Mission - Christ Is My Hope
7. Chris Tomlin - How Great Is Our God
8. The Blind Boys Of Alabama - (Jesus Hits Like The) Atom Bomb
9. Stevie Wonder - Have A Talk With God
10. Sinead O'Connor - Thank You For Hearing Me
11. David Anderson - I Belong To You
12. The Innocence Mission - It Is Well With My Soul
13. Pedro The Lion - Be Thou My Vision (follow link for MP3)
14. Everybodyduck - Arms Of Love
15. Switchfoot - The Economy Of Mercy
16. U2 - Grace
17. Sixpence None The Richer & Jars Of Clay - With Every Breath
18. Shannon Stephens - I'll Be Glad (MP3)
19. The Innocence Mission - Beautiful Savior
20. Uncle Tupelo - No Depression
21. Switchfoot - Beautiful Letdown
22. Extreme - Hole Hearted

Does the last track stand out as not fitting in? Maybe. It's still a killer tune, though. I saw Krista Jefferson at church. Hi Krista! I'm updating, see?!?!

On the repeated recommendations of Krista's former school chum, Todd Brown, I rented, watched and thoroughly enjoyed Nightwatch. It is a Russian film that is not easily defined in one genre (though, science fiction and horror are the more obvious connections). It was incredibly well-produced and, from my limited experience with foreign films, excellently transferred to English. The subtitles were even involved in your visual experience. You'll have to watch it to see what I mean. Last night, I went to Josh's house and we rented The Family Guy movie. It was rough at parts but pretty funny.

It's only four more work days until Melanie and I leave for Barry's Bay, our annual trek north. And that's the beginning of two weeks without work for me! If we had more money, I'd fly down to Nashville and help Bill finish his damn show. That dude is all talk and no action. Hahahaha.

Look out, ladies of southern Ontario. After a brief jaunt into Arizona and Utah, Taxman is back and on the prowl. He won't maul you - unless you ask him nicely.

Further reading material.

Jesus Mean & Wild: The Unexpected Love Of An Untamable God (excerpt) by Mark Galli


Blogger Patrick George McCullough said...

Hey there HCJ,

I'm happy to have you on BIC blogs. We don't seem to have enough Canadian representation! If you know of any other BIC bloggers that I'm missing, give a hollar. You can email me or just put them up on the comment box on the BIC blogs page. They don't have to emphasize BIC distinctives, just attend a BIC church. The idea is to see what BIC people are pondering even if it isn't about "BIC things."

Sorry to hear about your car, buddy. Hope that all works out.

Peace out, in, and all over the place,

1:52 AM

Anonymous krista said...

We've had our car stolen - a purple 4 door Escort - why would anyone want that? It is definitely a creepy feeling. Hope it all works out with the insurance company.

Good to see you Sunday. Thanks for updating!

8:37 AM


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