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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Well, kids, I'm burning the midnight lamp. Mike & Sandi visited for one last time before Sandi returns to the crap-hole that is Winnipeg. We just finished packing (for the most part) for our trip to visit our friends, Bill & Ronee in the lovely beach town of Wildwood, New Jersey with stops in Scranton, PA (hopefully with some Smokey Bones BBQ) and Binghamton, NY (hopefully it doesn't suck). With any luck, we'll get in to see the Further Seems Forever reunion show but if we don't, it's my own fault. As Bill kindly pointed out to me, I didn't organize like I should have. Just when I thought I was anal retentive enough, it turns out I wasn't enough.
I hope you all have lovely weekends and good weeks next week. We're back in the Creek on Tuesday night. In the words of Dave Blondel, 'Holla!' While you're at it, check out Money Money - they're grand.


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