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Friday, July 29, 2005

Thank the Lord for vacation. That's right kids, uncle JoJo is off work - again. And I'm only using one actual day of vacation, the other four are made up of overtime I am taking back. My job has a lot of challenges but the time off is nice. And then I'm back to work for only three weeks before I have another two weeks off. Of course, I'll have to wait another two months before I get a week off again. Oh, wait, many of you probably have only two weeks a year. Seriously, I don't know how you do it. Your diligence and commitment astound me (in a really good way). I know I am very lucky.

So what has Joel been up to then? Lots and little. Last weekend, we went up to a cottage owned by the parents of our good friend, Kari. She's an awesome person. They have some fancy digs on Butterfly Lake, which, I learned, is across the street from Lake Joseph, one of the three big lakes in Muskoka. The company was wonderful, as Kari and her parents are incredibly generous hosts. We were also joined by the Taxman and Beth on Saturday and Sunday and then Steve-o and Karen came up on Sunday. Waterskiing and tubing were activities (as was a 9km run for me) partaken and enjoyed by all.

I've managed to hang out with Taxman a couple times this week, which has been great.
We had a good workout on Monday that has my arms still tight. Yesterday, we went to Limeridge Mall, where I picked up a couple small gifts for Melanie, some protein powder and a t-shirt for me. I also bought some stuff for Melanie on Monday. Since her birthday and Christmas are only a week apart, it ends up being costly and challenging to think of so many presents and buy them all at once. This way, I spread it out and can have almost everything purchased long beforehand. I know, I'm a genius. Oh yeah, this was about Eric... He's an awesome guy. We're going to the Warped Tour tomorrow with Darryl 'The Pimp' Timko. Who do I want to see? Mae. That's it. Just Mae. I'm paying $50 to see a 30-40 minute set by them. Oh, well, MxPx will be there too and I've enjoyed their music for a long time. Taxman did me a favour by lending me CDs from The Starting Line and My Chemical Romance so I could listen to them before the show because they're playing too. I haven't listened to them at all. I'm an idiot.

Because I've just figured out how to add pictures to my blog, here's another funny one of Eric a.k.a. Taxman.

I got three new CDs this week. The new MxPx was purchased at the mall yesterday (it got a really good review in Alternative Press and it sounds good on its first spin). The postman brought me the new Stavesacre EP (I have no idea how these guys aren't huge) and I finally received Denison's new album. The artwork looks nice. I already know the music is beautiful.

While at Kari's cottage, I finished reading Philip Yancey's Rumours Of Another World. It was an excellent read. That dude is brilliant. I loved Yancey's awareness of the world and his acceptance of mystery when it came to God and His involvement with us. I'm going to read Heaven by Randy Alcorn next. Mike lent it to me quite a while ago and I have heard nothing but rave reviews about it.

Whitney abandoned us back to Calgary yesterday before heading home to Portland. The past month went by so fast that I didn't get to hang out with her nearly as much as I wanted. She accompanied me the other day to the mall (during the most torrential downpour I have seen in years) and we ate some delicious Middle Eastern food by her house. On Wednesday, we dropped by her house before she attended our house, where we laughed like fools at Napoleon Dynamite. That movie still rules on its sixth viewing. Bye, Whitney! We'll miss you!!

Well, I suppose I will go now. I was happy to hear that Bill & Ronee enjoyed their trip/family reunion in California. It's only three weeks until my friend Chantal leave us at work to return to school for her Master's. Jon Belanger and Kenny Rogers sang to me on my voicemail ('The Gambler' is a classic). We're hanging out with Mike & Andria (and I think Mark & Lisa too) tonight. Mmmmm, barbecue... You have yourself a fine day today and enjoy your long weekend (if you're Canadian). If you're not a lucky Canuck, consider moving up here. We've got four long weekends (May, July, August & September) throughout the summer! Peace out!


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