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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Believe it or not I actually did post something a while back but the system crashed after I tried to publish it. To my faithful reader, I apologize. There's been a fair bit of cool things I've done in the last while so I'll quickly bring you up to speed.
Last week, I was on vacation. I had accumulated a fair bit of overtime and, with the Easter holidays, I was able to have ten days in a row without work. Can anyone say, 'Killer'? I knew you could. What did I do with my free time? Things and stuff, as Jon Belanger would say. I can't remember all of it. I worked out a bit more than normal (including twice in one day), which I hope has made up for my laziness in the subsequent days. Played basketball on Tuesday and Thursday.
On Thursday, Josh and I went to see the film, Riding Giants. You can watch the wicked trailer here. It was really good. Written and directed by Stacy Peralta, the director of the classic documentary, Dogtown and Z-Boys, the film chronicles the history of big wave surfing. The footage they had was amazing. The last wave shown in the film, owned by Laird Hamilton, was recognized by most surfing enthusiasts to be the biggest and baddest ever surfed. I think Josh can attest to the fact that it was insane.
On Friday, Melanie, my friend/supervisor Kevin and I went to the Cottage Life Show in
Mississauga. It's a place where rich people (i.e., cottage owners) and poor people (i.e., us, who only dream of owning a cottage at this point). We walked for four hours through a million exhibits, entering all the draws we could to win stuff (with any luck, we'll be the owners of about 13 new BBQs) and grabbing for free junk. Kevin's bag was filled with papers, magazines and brochures and must have weighed twenty pounds. That will keep him busy for about two weeks. Fortunately, we both received the new issue of Cottage Life magazine today. Woo hoo!
I don't remember what I did on Saturday. Oh, wait, yes, I do remember. I was going to workout with Taxman but we got a late blast of winter. Taxman lives in the middle of nowhere (commonly referred to as Binbrook) and the power went out up there. He had to man the generator to prevent his house from flooding so he couldn't workout. While waiting, I rode my recumbent bike, lifted some dumbbells and watched the original Gladiator. No, for those of you who are familiar with it, I didn't watch the sequel this time. Later in the afternoon, Mike came down and we hit up some different stores for crap I needed to buy. Bought a pizza, some Pringles and pigged out.
On Sunday I went to church through a crazy snowstorm (a bunch of cars spun out and some moron truck drivers who decide to park on a hill in the right-hand lane instead of on the shoulder). That night was Fred's CD release party. His new disc is great and he packed the house. I'll lend it to you if you ask me nicely. Fred and I wrote the press release for the EP. That's my glimpse of rock stardom. Daniel Lanois' brother, Bob, showed up at the show. He looks like Dan. He dressed like a suit (record company executive). Yes, Dan is the producer of U2's albums. He wrote one of Mike's favourite songs performed by the Tea Party, 'The Messenger'. That song kicks ass still. Interestingly, the link for Bob shows him and his shack with Liam Titcomb, an artist Mike discovered on the radio and really likes.
This week was fairly busy with work. I got through a lot of paperwork that inevitably leads to a decrease of stress in my world. I'd write more but I've been advised by my wife that it is time to leave. I'll see you in real life, hopefully. This weekend, I'm off to Peterborough to hang with Blondel and Phil Donlon at the Third Space film fest. WORD!


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