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Sunday, March 27, 2005

I am having one of those rare relaxing and productive days. I'm currently rocking out to Living Sacrifice. Egads... Every time I throw on their album, Reborn, I cannot keep from moving. The first track, Reborn Empowered, has to be one of the greatest metal songs of all-time. In fact, I just left the keyboard in order to shake my ass in the spare bedroom to it. Blondel, back me up on this one... Lapsley, I'm not sure if you were still into them by the time this record came out. Come to think of it, did you ever like LS? I mean, their really old stuff was way too death metal for me. I know you liked the hair metal. You weren't crowned 'King of the Mullet' for no reason!
Yeah, so back to me... Melanie & I went to her parents' house last night for a great meal. Her mom always puts out a large spread that she spends a really long time planning and preparing. I ate a pile of ham, garlic mashed potatoes, broccoli (believe it or not, I now LOVE broccoli - with or without cheese or dip) and some of the largest helpings of dessert ever seen by human eyes. Melanie's mom is always pushing multiple servings on me. Good thing I worked out with Chad & Eric earlier in the day. We left there after 9PM and just came home. Melanie went to sleep because she is working today. I stayed up and watched the untitled cut of 'Almost Famous'. That movie makes me love music more each time I watch it. If you haven't seen the extended cut, let me know and I'll watch it with you or lend it to you.
Headed out to church this morning and met up with my homie, Jon Masson. Jon's a nutbar - he was up last night until 2AM after playing ice hockey into the wee hours and then got up to attend his parents' church's sunrise (see: mentally ill) service at 7:30AM. He then proceeded down the QEW from Oakville to Ancaster for church at 10AM. He's obviously a saint. Hahaha. Also attending was Mike "The Animal" Andres, whom I have not seen in quite some time but with whom am always pleased to chat. Then, sitting behind me, was an old acquaintance from high school, Lorie Solvsten. Side bar - I thought of her yesterday because I heard 'Glycerine' by Bush on the radio, which she played in the high school talent show in 1996. Wacky. Turns out she is neighbours with Eric "The Taxman" and Chad, who told her about the church.
Today's message at church was really good, looking at Romans 8. Bruxy talked about the meaning for Christ followers of looking to the Spirit rather than the law and the freedom that Jesus has offered us from sin/bad choices/the flesh/etc. It was really encouraging. We're not bound to making bad decisions and doing things we know we shouldn't do because Jesus died and took away sin's power. Thanks, Jesus! A very poignant and encouraging message for Easter Sunday. The next sermon series is on the Da Vinci Code book. Check it out if you're interested.
After church, I headed out to the in-laws to drop off my newly-acquired slide projector. My dad didn't want the old 8mm film projector (and all our old home movies) or the slide projector (and the accompanying slides) so I took them. I am essentially the keeper of my family's history. Since we're not having kids, it'll die with me and pass on to my sister and any kids they may have (if they make such a crazy decision - hahaha!). Melanie's dad was looking for a slide projector so I lent it to him. Maybe he can figure out how to work it for me.
Once home, I vacuumed out my car of all the stones and crud that has built up over the winter. I owe my dad a big 'thanks' for the industrial vacuum he bought us back when we moved in to our house. It's really handy. I hope to get my car shampooed and tidied up sometime in the near future. Then I cleaned up in the house, putting boxes and excess stuff up in the attic. Thank goodness for that attic because the living space in our house is certainly not big enough for everything we own. Neither Melanie and I like to throw out everything and we keep things of sentimental value to us. Plus I'm just one of those psychos who believes in purchasing things BEFORE I need them, and the attic provides some much needed storage.
A bunch of tasks completed before my holidays officially begin! Woo hoo! Melanie got some time off at the end of April so I've got to plan for our trip to New Jersey to see the Further Seems Forever reunion show and our friends, Bill & Ronee. I hope it all works out ideally. I'd like to spend some time in Wildwood again but it's a pretty long drive for only a couple days. We'll see how it works. I should really call ol' William to see what the dealie is.
I hope your Easter long weeked has been good and that you work for the government (like me!) and have Easter Monday off! I love you all.


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