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Sunday, March 20, 2005

This was a busy weekend for the Joelinator. Had a big pile of people in our little house on Friday night. We gabbed a lot, ate too much and had a good time. We watched 'Napoleon Dynamite', which was more appreciated by some than others. Hahaha. Melanie had Melanie Ramsay down from Smith's Falls as well as Karen Golledge from that little town whose name escapes me as I type this. Crap... Sorry, Karen. Your town just doesn't rank in my mind. They had a good time together, I'm told.
Saturday had the Taxman and I pumping up. I actually noticed some increase in muscle in my chest now. I've always looked like a prepubescent boy (or girl, for that matter) but now I've got a little definition. Thanks, Eric! He's been my motivation and inspiration. Anyone want to listen to Chicago "17"? In the evening, Mike, Nathan, Jon and I hit the Staircase Theatre to watch 'What The Bleep Do We Know?' It was really different - thought-provoking, challenging and interesting. We went out for food later and talked about it a lot, which shows it was a good movie. Not all sane or consistent but good nonetheless. Or can I really say that it was good? That's what my peptides tell me anyhow. Watch the movie and you'll understand.
Today was Sunday, which found us at church. The sermon was, as usual, really good. I watched 'Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind' this afternoon. Melanie watched parts of it but was in and out of consciousness during the film. Hahaha.
We keep getting the Sunday Sun for free. I find it every Sunday on my driveway. I usually throw it out immediately (the Toronto Sun is not known as a reputable paper and I have little interest in it). For some reason, I read it today though. I found this interesting article that I wanted to share with everyone I know (if you're Canadian, at least). It's common knowledge that Christians vote for the Conservative party. If you're American, they're similar to the Republicans. Anyhow, in both cases, Christians put all of their voting weight behind these parties because they believe they will 'stand up for morality and what is right', in spite of evidence to the contrary. In most situations, 'morality' means 'abortion and gay rights/same sex marriage'. I've believed for quite some time that the right wing parties don't give a shit about these issues except in lip service for votes. Now, they've finally admitted it. I'll leave you with the article I found. It's time to change your party allegiance, folks.

Abortion debate shot down

Maria McClintock

Toronto Sun - Sunday, March 20, 2005

Ottawa Bureau

The Conservative party moved closed to the moderate middle yesterday after convention delegates defeated many Reform-era policies and shot down attempts to re-activate the debate on abortion.

Throughout the policy debate in Montreal it was clear the 3,000 party faithful heard the signal sent by leader Stephen Harper in his keynote speech Friday night – that he would not legislate abortion, and that party members should focus on issues that Canadians care about.

Despite that, the door remains open for MPs to bring forward legislation in the Commons on any issue they choose.

Slim margin

New Brunswick delegate Nargis Kheraj was pleased the members shot down the abortion motion although it was by a slim margin.

“This battle has been fought before. Women have been fighting this for a hundred years … we do not need to revisit it,” said Kheraj, who urged delegates to end the debate on abortion once and for all.

“I’m really pleased we really got to the point, that we have agreed that abortion has no business being on our platform.”

Other motions on euthanasia, referendums and the notion of recall of MPs were all defeated, a signal party members want to convince Canadians the party is prepared to have more mainstream policies on its books.

While there was an apparent shift, it ground to a halt on the divisive issue of same sex marriage. An overwhelming 75% of delegates voted in favour of a Conservative government introducing legislation to keep the traditional definition of marriage – a stand MP Belinda Stronach said will have political implications on the party.

“We are all here because we want to form government. We want to broaden the base of support, we want to be inclusive, and we want to form a pan-Canadian party,” Stronach said following the vote.

‘I want to win’

“Yes, I am worried about the political impact that this will have on the party. I’m in this because I want to win and I believe we must show that we are an open and inclusive party.”

Attempts to establish a youth wing of the party were also shot down after a lengthy debate, so the party will continue with the status quo of developing its campus clubs at universities and colleges.

Also removed from the party’s platform were planks calling for the creation of a citizens’ assembly to adopt proportional representation, holding elections on fixed dates, referendums for constitutional amendments and general referendums for issues of national importance.


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