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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Ever have those days where you disgust yourself as a result of the emissions you make? Today is that day, my friends. I disgust myself. And I would disgust you but it's unlikely I would allow myself to be so carefree (or would it be 'careless') as to torture you with this stuff. Unless you're name is Melanie and you're married to me. In that case, honey, prepare for a visit to Gross City! Last night, when I went to bed at the idiotic hour of 3 A.M., I released a cloud in bed. It was so wretched that I giggled to myself and thought how mean/funny it would be if the odour awakened my darling bride. Fortunately for her (and, I suppose, me), she didn't wake up. I think Melanie could sleep through a plane crash - in our living room.
I went to church this morning and it rocked. Afterward, Nathan Walz and I joined up with some folks from our homechurch at Christian Chicken (a.k.a. Swiss Chalet). It was surprisingly good. I hold a low opinion of Swiss Chalet because of their small portions at a high cost (in my opinion). Then we hit up Costco and I bought more stuff. A couple boxes of cereal, a Bruce Springsteen box set for only $22 (three of his first four albums - Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ, The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle & Darkness On The Edge Of Town!!!), some protein bars and a book on financial planning. I think I'd like to become a financial planner. Taxman and I could open up our own business, help people get out of debt and live better financial lives and then do whatever we want.
Speaking of the Taxman, he lost his dad yesterday. His dad had been sick last year but was recovering very well by all accounts. He went suddenly and no one even knew. Pray for him, his brother Chad, his sister Lori and their mom, Hope. It really, really, really sucks. It's been on my mind for the past two days, frequently praying for them and wishing there was something miraculous I could do. I suppose praying is pretty miraculous when I think about it. God, be with my friends as they mourn. Help me and others to care for them. Comfort them like only You can.


Blogger Dave said...

I haven't had an Admiral Burger in.. okay wait.. lemme think here..

Left college in '97.. it would have been Fall or spring '97..

I, David of Lapsley, hold you responsible to remedy that gap.

And... go.

9:56 p.m.


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