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Wednesday, January 01, 2003

It's now 2003. Big hairy deal. I know I've said this repeatedly and it's probably been the same people around me at the time so they have heard this spiel several times. It's one second difference. Who gives a rip? The universe does not operate according to the calendar that Western society accepts. Neither does China or Israel and probably plenty of other countries. A holiday for the passage of one moment. Wow, how stupid. And millions and millions of people die needlessly around the world, if only we'd stop pissing away money (literally and figuratively) for this ridiculous night. Of course, I had fun at Peggy's house, taking pictures, playing the 'name' game, making farting noises, dropping the last dump of 2002... Good times.
I had my big Christmas party last night. It was a boisterous success. People were extremely generous with their money. Between about 40 people, they donated about $770! I took that money and donated it to Mission Services (Hamilton shelter), Opportunity International (www.opportunitycanada.ca) and Christian Blind Mission International (www.cbmi.org). Thanks everyone. I hope you all had a good time. I enjoyed having you all out with me.
Today was only a half day of work. Sweet can. Got home to find a package from my friend Bill Power. A whole padded envelope filled with musical love (including Embodyment, Havalina, Mike Knott and the new Living Sacrifice). Oh yeah, and the Christmas Pedro The Lion 7". Thanks Bill! Then I ran into my good friend, Ben Gosling, previously of Hamilton, then of Windsor, now back and in full effect in Hamilton. He's working at Value Village and I was shopping there today. Picked up a couple shirts and a pair of pants. Then Ben made me wise to the deal of the day - an official Hulk Hogan t-shirt at the Amity next door. Damn straight. It's slick, dude. Two bucks. I ain't kiddin'. It was my New Year's wear. That and my belt buckle and my bell bottom cords. I was lookin' fine, I must say.
Almost three hours into this fictional "new year" and I'm not yet in bed. I must be mentally delayed. I'm heading to the barn now. Grab some hay and hit it. Peace out.


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