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Sunday, December 29, 2002

Another long day... I woke up bloody early (9AM) to meet Dave & Melody Blondel, friends who reside in Peterborough - home of 1000 Foot Krutch! Wow! I wonder if that's the reason I never go there to visit... Anyhow, Dave & Mel are swell. They bought me my first belt buckle. It's snazzy. I'm so badass now - finally! I think the food made me sick. Don't have breakfast at Joey's Only Seafood. Yeah, I know, it seems pretty damn obvious by thinking about it but Dave said it was good. Not only was he late, I think he might have been wrong too.
Belly and I hit up the Quizno's. Seriously, I don't know how I lived this long without that place. Round trip, it's 78 kilometres for one freakin' sandwich, and well worth every penny of gas. Then we played some video games (Legends Of Wrestling 2, Spiderman) and Belly fell asleep. He has this crazy thing where he falls asleep, then when he wakes up, he is convinced he's always been awake. He started sawing logs, as he always does, and I woke him up. He responded by telling me that he WAS awake and when I told him he was asleep and snoring, he told me he wasn't snoring, like he always does. I guess I've betrayed his trust in the past because whenever I tell him he was snoring, he doesn't believe me. Not just me, but anyone! "Hmmm, who should I trust? All the people around me or myself, though I was just sleeping and unconscious? Definitely myself."
Well, I suppose I should go to bed. I'm planning on wearing some new threads to church in the morning. My new belt with new, previously referenced buckle, as well as my sweet t-shirt that Jeff Timko got me for my birthday (which was in April, but it took until the other day to find something worthy of a present, according to Jeff). It was worth the wait. A t-shirt with Jon Belanger on it, circa 1990 - caption, "What A Cutie!" Damn, I'm gonna be lookin' fly.


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