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Monday, December 23, 2002

I'm sick and tired. That's all. Sick AND tired. Work was brutal. I had little-to-no energy all day. Thank goodness tomorrow is only a half day. Pheew. I just finished holidays and I'm ready for more. Blech. Why is that? I know how nice it is not to work but after I go back from vacation it's like I forgot. Then I remember. I wish I didn't remember. Retirement looks SO sweet right now. Maybe not retirement, completely, but something less stressful.
I got two presents in the mail today. Woo hoo! Jon Belanger (AKA Baloneyhead, Professor Fart) sent me a lovely card and - ta dah! - Quizno's gift certificates!! Woo hoo! Thanks Jon! Then my friend Michelle Grunert in Vancouver sent me some great pictures from our trip down the coast (unlike me, her pictures are centred and pretty) and an album by the band p:ano. It's excellent. I love it. Thanks Michelle!
Well, it's almost 9PM. Now it is 9PM. I won an auction on eBay for two Rosie Thomas EPs. I'm excited. I've only got the full-length and it kicks ass. It's time to wash my face and go to sleep. I need my energy for 3 hours of work tomorrow. I'm praying I stumble across it in the morning.


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